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Thanks to Luna

January 16, 2014

I decided to put in the song titles and lyrics from the last album that we recorded a few years ago. I know it doesn’t really matter that I did this, but I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently so I’ve been going through old stuff, revisiting things that I had made and done that I nearly forgot about. The song names and stuff were never really agreed upon, so I never put them up; but since nobody cares anymore these were the titles we would use on set lists and whatever and I think it’s better than the numbers. 2012 is the actual title. Anyway, Luna sent me the lyrics and stuff that I had sent to her way back when (smooches). There you are.

Also, we kind of never played an official “last show”, but if we had I would have said all kinds of really stupid and cheesy things about how amazing it was to be able to start just another dumb band and then have all kinds of people respond to it. I also probably would have made more comments about how cool everyone in Santa Barbara and the surrounding areas is and how the shows at Biko are the best. One of the greatest experiences of my life so far is to have been able to pour out all kinds of embarrassing things into a mic, to make myself as vulnerable as I’ve ever been, and then get the kind of reactions that we did over the years. So thanks to any person who came up to me and said that the lyrics or music meant something to them. I loved playing those shows where there wasn’t enough room and people were falling all over the place and yelling and getting their sweat on me. I’m doing all kinds of other stuff now (NYC, modern dance, blah blah blah), but I miss being in a band all the time. I never thought that I would get the chance to do that but I’m so glad I did!

ALSO ALSO if you’re truly sick and want to read more of the things I have to say then I have this thing:


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  1. February 11, 2014 3:24 am

    You guys are (not “were”, cuz you’ll always will be) awesome!

    I just discovered Lumber Lung a few months ago via Youtube and fastly I became a fan.

    I’m forming a band with a friend and Lumber Lung sonority and lyrics are one of the main influences. Well, I’m from Brazil and never saw a show of you, and so, how the band now Lumber Lung is over, I’ll never see. But I’m always listening to your music on my mobile! Greetings from Brazil, guys. And thanks for everything!!!

  2. Sebastián C. permalink
    February 15, 2014 4:54 am

    Pretty much the same as Vitor, but in my case, I’m from Colombia and I’m such a lonely guy that don’t even have friends to start a band, hahahaha… Oh, wait: actually it’s sad… anyway. Thank you for your great music and meaningful lyrics.

    PS. Marry me, Kaitlyn!! Hehe.

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