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LP 2011

Seward Park
I hadn’t seen you for months but then there you were,
your face pulled tight like a fitted sheet, pale and stretched./
I asked you how you were doing and you told me where you’d been,
leaning on white walls and walking in circles…/

Does it take work at your hands to get you through the day?
Does it take work at your hands to let you sleep at night?
Building barriers across bridges won’t keep people from jumping,
but when I sleep at night my hands are so tired that I don’t dream./

We walked down to the beach and let the waves break on us,
as if being touched by the sea would make us a part of something./
We say keep your stake in the soil and pin notes to your chest,
wrap thread through your fingers to remember where you live and what you live for./

On a clear day, I can see the details of what’s now far away.
And though I’ve tried to understand, I still don’t know what to say./
I will walk with you to keep your limbs moving,
I can listen and wait to help you feel safe.

One day I woke up and the whole world was wet around the edges, dampened in its creases.
I breathed in the ocean, felt its weight in my chest, and I remembered how
we all came from the water, swapped our gills for lungs,
but we are still just swimming among so much motion./
Out of control, trying to stay afloat./

Won’t be caught drifting without purpose, without hope, without intent.
These currents are always bigger than us, they move us in directions that we don’t even know.
Drag us away from shore, pull us down the coast. Hope we don’t lose sight of home./
Old age won’t be decrepitude but something to look forward to,
because then we can speak from our wrinkles and know that we were just making it all up as we went along.
Things’ll get clearer as the end gets nearer, and we’ll hope that things will work out and be alright in the end.

Best to Keep Moving
Once to try, twice to mend, repeat from habit, an attempt to defend./
Using our hands just to stay warm in the drafty days of lost directions,
I can’t remember what it felt like to have focus./
Out of bed with a letter I can’t send, I’m clinging on to a simple routine,
a desperate effort to heal and keep moving./

If we do nothing, we start falling apart, so when my body starts falling apart, I’ll start screaming./
It’s just a general property of a physical body but it’s the last tool that I’ve got.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about it when you don’t listen to what I say,
so I’d rather not be near you and I’ll throw your letters away.
I know I’m not the first that you’ve treated this way.
You act insulted if I ignore you, well now you know./

Guys like you don’t seem to get that I’m not your vision, not your dream.
I spit, yell, walk alone at night, by myself you think I need company.
I don’t want to be a receiver for your speeches.
My pretty ears can bleed sometimes but you’re blind to the fact that I don’t care./
You act insulted if I ignore you, well now you know how it feels to be on the receiving end./

I’m not interested but you just keep talking, you just keep looking, you just keep touching./
I don’t know you but you just keep talking, you just keep looking, you just keep touching.

Warm Arms
Legs are meant to move you just like hands are meant to hold,
if they want to take you farther than the circles you’ve been walking in,
follow them where you want to go.
It kills me when we leave, and no one ever comes back./
But easy living’s not enough to keep you growing in this spot.
I know you know summer days don’t last,
but wherever we are I’ll have warm arms for you./
Meet other mountains, meet other seas.
Don’t be afraid to leave.

Streams of light pierce the night sky from a blast at your fingertips.
My ears ringing from the sound, I’m too slow to chase them down.
Your fun, your carelessness, you don’t see where these land.
Where they rest forever in the bodies of victims./

I hear screams, and then silence, still with the ringing.
Where do they land after they reach the top of their path?
They fall to earth. Buildings might stop them, warm bodies will for sure./

Children, mothers, fathers, neighbors. Their safety’s not your concern.
I hope you shoot straight up, I hope the wind has died,
I hope it was worth it, falls straight down. I’ll be satisfied./

Move this mouth, make it shape the words that tell you what you want to hear.
Take these shoulders, make them bear for you what your heart is to weak to hold.
And take these hands, make them hold some- thing that feels sacred to you./
Take this body make it worth something more than its beginning and ending.

Early morning skies, I ride towards the burning, glowing with fires that will never go out.
Jets line the atmosphere with lines for miles, some tell me it’s poison but I like them anyway.
Watch them expand, watch them curve with the wind, block out the sun leaving a shadow in their wake.
If I could I’d never leave this moment, just stay right here like this forever./

Gazing up at the endless sky every day for the rest of my life./

Maybe today will be the day that I’ll stand up,
won’t be afraid of the lies the guilt the coercion that shit ends now, it’s time./
My voice will come out of my mouth and I’ll throw my words into space./

Gazing up at the endless sky every day for the rest of my life.

Time Bandits
Time slips through your fingers, not many chances to make it all worthwhile,
easy to forget why we keep doing the things that we love.
I need to people to remind me that it’s not always gonna be like this,
dragging my feet day in and day out./

Found your blanket touch, so warm, so tired.
Covering my body, closing my eyes. Keeping me soft, keeping me still.
I’m sick of this sunken bed. I never meant to lay in it again./

But don’t you wish that all day long you didn’t feel like you were alone
surrounded by people who don’t really know you?
And these days all you do is work you don’t even have time to breathe
surrounded by people who don’t give a fuck./
And one day you woke up at dawn not sure if you should carry on,
didn’t know how long it was like this, It could be days, it could be years./
How long will it take for you to find the strength to say this body’s mine,
these hands these arms these legs, it could be days, it could be years.

Vomit a Little in Your Mouth
Don’t put your arm around my waist unless you ask if I want you to.
It’s not ok just because it was before this is my body to touch not yours.
How would you know what I want unless you ask?
How would you know what I want unless I tell you?/

How hard is it to open your mouth and ask me how I feel?
I’d do the same for you so the feeling’s mutual.
If we can’t communicate, if we can’t say yes or no,
it would be better for both of us to stop./

What kind of pleasure do you get if you don’t have understanding?
My first kiss was me not knowing what was happening.
Not knowing how I felt, and since no one asked me I didn’t say to stop.
I wish I could go back and give myself the strength to push you away. I’d push you away…

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  1. Lindsey Cardeno permalink
    October 13, 2011 1:41 am

    great music guys….

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